The single most important art TIP is to draw, draw, draw.  Like Elmo from Sesame Street used to say or sing…..DRAW DRAW DRAW

The second most important tip is to PAINT PAINT PAINT  But, That is kind of self intuitive.

Third is to learn from your own experiences  learn from others.

The internet is filled with YouTube videos where you can practically spend hours upon hours learning new skills or honing ones you already have.

Check this out for an example Video

And of course you can learn from qualified instructors….like me.  A great way to start out is to take private lessons or join a group or arts organization.

Never stop learning.  It is good for your brain and your whole well-being.

Tip  about drawing on watercolor paper.

Use a 4H pencil.  It produces a light line and is not likely to smudge if touched with fingers or tools.

“Twirl” the pencil in your finger when making a line of any shape or length.  This keeps the line a consistent thickness.

Be very careful when  erasing pencil lines on watercolor paper.  Erasing with an abrasive eraser will affect the surface of the paper.  Watercolor paper comes with a sizing on its surface.  Erasunot only removes the pencil line but the sizing as well.  A wash over an area that has been erased will show difference.  Draw with a light pencil mark and leave them on the paper.  The marks will mostly dissolve into the wash never to be seen again.