Painting Examples

Commission Process

  1. The client and artist collaborate about subject matter (portrait, landscape, cityscape, etc.) color palette, size, frame dimensions and style, time demands.
  2. The artist prepares a scale model of the painting along with a firm cost proposal.
  3. The client approves the scale model and authorizes the artist to proceed. This is an iterative process that continues until the client is happy with the proposal.
  4. The client agrees to pay a nominal nonrefundable painting fee.
  5. The artist completes the painting for presentation to the client.
  6. The client accepts the painting as it is presented and pays the painting fee.
  7. The client agrees to the term of the cost proposal. However, should the client not accept the painting (doesn’t like), the client pays the painting fee and the painting is retained by the artist.
  8. The client and artist agree on the frame and mat combination at the framer’s shop.
  9. The painting is framed and the finished painting is delivered to the client.
  10. The client makes the final payment.