I am an artist. That is how I define who I am — a painter, a watercolor artist.  Making art is my means of self-expression and self-fulfillment.  I love to paint a variety of subjects including people, things and landmark locations.  Each painting I create allows me to re-live an experience and to reconceive that experience from a new perspective.

My process starts by considering a moment in time.  From that single moment there is a photograph, a composition, a sketch and finally a painting.  I rely on the principles of design and the watercolor medium to finish the process.  I paint in the same way an author writes. An author expresses himself through words so that his thoughts and ideas will be discovered and enjoyed by the reader.  I use watercolor as my means of self-expression.  I paint to create something entertaining and thought-provoking for others to ponder and enjoy.

I follow my own creative voice when I paint.  I am inspired by such artists as Andrew Wyeth and Leonardo Da Vinci who created timeless masterpieces using their own individual styles and not simply relying on the style in fashion at the time.  I enjoy painting what appeals to me, and always with a touch of flash.

Collectors and viewers have commented on the suggestively photographic quality of my paintings as well as my use of interesting, bold patterns and vivid colors.