Rental – Leasing 

Love to own original ART?

Love to collect artwork that beautifies your home or office?

Not everyone can.  But, ROTATING ART is an option that is available to everyone.

  • Multi-family Real Estate, Office Environment, Commercial Real Estate
  • Exciting artwork at the fraction of the cost personal ownership
  • Artwork always refreshed every six months
  • Artwork from artist’s portfolio as seen on Ted Lawson
  • No restriction on number of pieces.  Can choose as few as one piece.
  • The rental fee is 5 % of the retail price of the piece or pieces chosen per month.
  • Six-month minimum term.  Term can be extended in six-month increments.  Payment due upon delivery.
  • Replacement art can be chosen after a given rental period
  • Rent/Lease to own is available
  • No delivery / set up fee within 50 miles of artist’s studio

Example 1 small office environment

  • Four pieces are selected from the limited-edition portfolio.
  • Each piece retails for $275 -> $13.75/mo -> $82.50 for six months or $320 for the four pieces

Likewise, original artwork is treated the same way.

Example 2 Small office environment combination of limited-edition and original artwork are selected

  • Two pieces are selected from the limited-edition portfolio $275 each
  • One piece of original artwork is chosen $1,800 each
  • Two at $13.75/mo -> $82.50 for six months -> $165
  • One at $1,800 -> $90/mo -> $540 for six months
  • Total for three pieces for six months $705