20 x 30

Reflections  – A NYC Reality

This painting captures real life in the City.  Sidewalks jammed with pedestrians and other things.  Street vendors selling trinkets or knockoffs, or hotdogs share the same space however, not equally.  In this case, a pile of bicycles obstructs part of the pedestrian path. I am not sure that the bikes were locked together or that it mattered to the ones who piled them there.

It is no matter because this scene interested me for its treatment of light on surfaces.  There is the light reflecting on the wet pavement and the light on parked trucks.  The sparkle on the windshields and the brilliant light reflection on the bicycle parts, tires and frames and baskets. I enhanced the colors and painted some of the shapes with colors out of the tube or container.  Some were painted with ink from the bottle.

This painting may not appeal to everyone, but it appeals to me.  This painting required a tremendous amount of drawing before the paint was applied.  The drawing was preceded by a lot of planning.

All in all this was an exercise of practicing my disciplined approach to painting people places and things in watercolor.