20 x 30


Brooklyn Diner is a New York institution with two locations in Manhattan.  Brooklyn Diner caters to New Yorkers, tourists, and celebrities.  As seen in this image a line has formed with the many waiting to be seated.  Tonight is standing room only.

There’s more to this painting, though.  I love people places and things so this is an assembly of those items.  I also love landmark locations and the big Brooklyn sign helps with that.  The cursive written sign, Brooklyn, is an artform in itself.

The portrait of the restaurant is one thing but it lacked something.  Many restaurants in New York have patrons lined up waiting for service.  This was a slow night until I borrowed a que from other locations.  These are from Cleveland waiting for admission to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Oh and BTW, the Mary Poppins figure is taken from Mott Street in Chinatown.

Colors abound in this painting. The watercolor media fit the bill to make this colorful, recognizable and complete with patrons waiting to be seated.

This painting resided in the “start” pile since 2016 on my visit to NYC.  Many things came about and the painting remained unfinished.  The Covid 19 pandemic struck in 2020 and many things shut down, even my painting production.  Now, nearly 2022, I gave myself a kickstart with this painting.  I waited a long time but I’m glad I picked it up when I did.