Project Description

30 x 30

Washington Square Park

This painting came to being as the result of a request by a collector seeking a scene of Washington Square Park in Manhattan.  The Park is on the campus of New York University where their son graduated from law school.

I had many images and paintings of NYC but none of the Park.  So, during my next trip to the City, I took a number of long shots of the Park from different viewpoints.  As with all wide angle shots, unnecessary information needs to be eliminated in order to make a strong composition.  I edited images, found one pleasing to me and proceeded to make the painting.  The collectors were pleased with the painting as well and they added it to their collection.

The painting has special meaning for me too.  My daughter graduated from NYU business school with her MBA.  The graduation ceremony was held in the Park.  So, during the painting process, I was able to relive the moment that I photographed the Park but the graduation ceremony where my daughter moved into another niche in NYC.