Summer golf season was winding down, it was mid September and I was disappointed about my game.  As Austin Powers said “I lost my mojo”.  I lost the mid season game that I enjoyed earlier.  As with so many things when the darkness is darkest, a light sometimes shines.  Not a headlight this time but a phone call from a well known journalist in Canton.  The call started, “this is your lucky day”.  I thought I had won a prize.  Anything positive was well appreciated after golf that day.  The journalist is Dan Kane and he said that he would be interviewing me for an article in the ABOUT Magazine.  We made arrangements for a Friday morning telephone interview.  The day just got a lot brighter.  Read the entire article here.  TedLawson

Fortunately, I have enough of a story to tell that every interview question, no matter, resulted in a lengthy, well rehearsed reply.  I have practiced these replies time and time again at my gallery openings in Cleveland and elsewhere.  Dan asked for more content later that day as I was driving to 78th Street Studios for the Third Friday Artwalk there at Gallery +.  That is when I spoke of my artistic expression. That is where I am recreating a moment in time and turning it into a painting, a story, for others to contemplate and enjoy much like an author writing a book engages the reader for understanding and enjoyment.

The writing part was all Dan’s and it was done in one day.  Julie Botos came to my studio for a photo shoot shortly thereafter.  Julie did a great job.  She sorted through numerous shots and came up with one that, even I like.  I don’t usually like staged pictures but, she put me at ease.  I think it was because I had a paintbrush in my hand hovering over a piece of artwork that I had been working on.

Then there was the silence.  I did not know when the article was to be published.  Sometimes, articles like this are put into inventory to fill a spot in some future issue or vacancy. But, surprise, my friend, an avid paper-reader called me on Friday, jokingly asking for an autograph.  He said that he was happy to see the article was about my artwork and not my golf.

I like the way the article was put together.  I especially like the two pieces of my artwork that accompany the article.  Both pieces were selected for the roadshow of the Ohio Watercolor Society.  One just completed a tour of Ohio libraries, galleries and museums and the other one, 30 Rock III, is just starting its tour of Ohio following the Ohio Watercolor Society’s exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio.

The rest is history.  Pick up a copy of the ABOUT Magazine.  Check out to learn more about me and my long affair with ART.