This is what someone who knows me well has to say.

So much of this is the result of the critique group that I attended with Bette Elliott and the accomplished artists that were there too.

Ted loves capturing seemingly forgettable moments and extracting their elements to construct something brand new. Through his constant observations of the world around him, Ted often wonders what is going on beneath the surface. Is an everyday scene truly just a forgettable moment or could it be something more? By taking elements from various settings and unifying them in his artwork, Ted transforms what was, into a singular moment of what could have been. Ted believes that art takes our common experience and expands the reality into something greater. After all, isn’t that what art is all about?

Ted applies this belief not only to his pieces that feature New York City but also to artwork based on locations throughout the world. He appreciates the many opportunities he has had to observe while traveling throughout North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. He looks forward to the future, to further expanding reality by creating singularly spectacular moments that exist in his art.

Ted offers private art lessons for those just starting out to accomplished artists. He also teaches composition and design at the Canton Museum of Art in Canton, Ohio.