Student’s early work showed great promise.  This was a conversion from drafting templates to respectable watercolor painting

Progress continued into more complex subject matter with more themes.  The significant thing is that the student continued to experiment with different brush sizes, not only the “pointy” little round brush but flat brushes in varying widths.

From the beginning with this student, he knew that he wanted to paint not just draw and do charcoal sketches of simple objects.  Not only did he want to paint but he wanted to paint a portrait.  Not just any portrait, a portrait of his first grand child.  His son had just been married a short while and they had no children but were planning on starting a family.  Time passed and the first grandchild was born.  A little girl was born and all were overjoyed.  The student kept on with his lessons and continued to progress nicely.

The moment was upon them all.  The little girl was nearing the one year mark and the student was determined to make a portrait of her to gift to the parents on the first birthday.  The student selected a photo for reference and started to work.  First the drawing then the background then flesh tones and eye details.  Then the subtle details of a charming smile.

The student did it!  Check it out.