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Book Ends

My golf post from April 18 was the left bookend.  This post is the right one.  What does that have to do with golf?  Well, April 18th was the first day that I tried to play golf since my shoulder surgery repair.   That day, I practiced on the driving range.  I didn’t try to play until April 24.  April 24 was a practice round at the Legends of Massillon.  It was practice but I was trying to score just as I had on so many other times….for years.  I felt pretty good because I retained some of the lessons from Deepak Chopra’s book.  It worked.  I was pretty happy but another trip the the DR proved to be too much for the healing shoulder.  I had to lay off for a while to recover again.

The spring and summer came and I was OK with my play on the course but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.  My scoring average was like it had been in prior years.  I played with friends in my age range that were playing with clubs with  a senior flex shaft.  I thought I might try that too because they were doing so much better than I was doing.  I wanted what they had and I was willing to pay for it.  So, I went to the golf club fitter to see what he had to say.  I took my driver to establish a baseline clubhead speed.  The club fitter gave me several demo clubs with a variety of shafts of varying flex even ones with senior  flex.  None of the clubs produced a clubhead speed as good as my current driver.  In fact, the senior flex shafts produced a very strong hook off the practice tee.  Long story short, I walked out of the store with the same drive I came in with. Continue reading Book Ends