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    Ted Lawson - Private Lessons

    One of the quickest and most efficient ways to improve your painting is to study privately with a
    qualified instructor. In the case of my approach to watercolor fine art, design and composition, I
    prefer to come to the students home studio.  In this way, I am the consultant for studio layout,
    lighting and arrangement as well as the instructor on such things as technique, color mixing, paint,
    drawing, computer file management and photo manipulation.  

    I work with teens to adults and with beginning to advanced painters and tailor my instruction to the
    specific needs of the student. I am a representational painter not one known for non objective or
    abstract painting, I am as much a coach as a teacher or instructor.

    Students can select the type of subjects that they want to paint.  I encourage students to rely on
    their personal experience and to develop their "story" based on that experience captured in
    photographs.  Their painting is their story.  

    Flexible scheduling allows you to pick the time and day that is best for you. Classes can be
    scheduled 9-5, Monday thru Saturday. For cost savings, you can take lessons with a friend.

    Areas of study include: drawing from life and still life and watercolor painting on a variety of
    painting surfaces.   


    Individual in their home studio

    2 hour class - $60 per class
    3 hour class - $80 per class

    2 students at my home studio

    2 hour class - $40 per class/per student
    3 hour class - $50 per class/per student