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Return to the Heart of the Clelsea Arts District
Pleiades Gallery in New York City

    Ted’s love of the New York City is a continuum that began more than 30 years ago when he saw the musical “Cats” on Broadway and became cemented when his daughter
    moved to New York City in 1999.  The excitement that NYC provokes in Ted truly kicked-in at the same time as his second career as a watercolor artist was beginning to
    grow.  Then as now, Ted is ever ready to collect resource material with his sketchbook and his camera so he can add to his sizable New York City body of work.

    Bette O’Neil-Roderick, a correspondent for the Akron Beacon Journal and a freelance travel writer wrote a feature story about Ted Lawson’s love for New York City in the
    September, 2014 Arts Issue of Akron Live Magazine.  The story entitled Painting the Town, chronicled Ted’s love for art, his inspiration and influences, his choice of
    watercolor as his go-to media and his pursuit of every day scenes of New York.  The entire article was reproduced in Ted’s 2015 New York Art Calendar.

    In 2015, Ted was invited to exhibit in Manhattan’s Chelsea Arts District at the Pleiades Gallery Friends of Pleiades exhibition.  Two of his New York paintings were featured
    in that wonderful exhibition.  The exhibit in Chelsea introduced Ted to a brand new audience of art lovers.  Patrons were overheard commenting at the opening reception of
    exhibition that Ted’s subject matter was unique to the exhibit and that his work was exquisitely rendered.  

    Ted was invited for a repeat exhibiiton at the Pleiades Gallery in 2016 for the 20th Friends of Pleiades Gallery exhibition.  Ted has new work for the 2016 exhibition, some of
    which is featured below.  For Ted, traveling to attend the Pleiades provides him another opportunity to absorb the excitement that surrounds him there and to collect  more
    inspirational images that he will use to create new pieces for his New York portfolio.

    Ted loves capturing seemingly forgettable moments and extracting their elements to construct something brand new.  Through his constant observations of the world
    around him, Ted often wonders what is going on beneath the surface.  Is an everyday scene truly just a forgettable moment or could it be something more?  By taking
    elements from various settings and unifying them in his artwork, Ted transforms what was, into a singular moment of what could have been.  Ted believes that art takes our
    common experience and expands the reality into something greater.  After all, isn’t that what art is all about?

    Ted applies this belief not only to his pieces that feature New York City but also to artwork based on locations throughout the world.  He appreciates the many opportunities
    he has had to observe while traveling throughout North and South America, Africa, Europe  and Asia. He looks forward to the future, to further expanding reality by creating
    singularly spectacular moments that exist in his art.

    Ted offers private art lessons for those just starting out to accomplished artists.  He also teaches composition and design at the Canton Museum of Art in Canton, Ohio.