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A Remarkable Year
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Canton, Ohio  44709
    I love bicycles. I love riding trails near home and riding the bike lanes here
    and there. I'm always looking for a bike rider to include in a painting. Most of
    the time the bike and rider are just an accidental contributor to my thought
    process. That is what happened in this painting, "Riding the Bike Lane II".
    We were on our west coast swing doing the tourist's thing at Fisherman's
    Warf in San Francisco. The day was perfect with bright sunlight that created
    rich shadows. Pedestrians were in abundance and a group of biker riders,
    probably a family, passed by. I'm always ready with a point and shoot
    camera or my iphone. I snapped several frames and knew I had the makings
    of a good composition. Good fortune comes to those who wait. I made some
    adjustments to the position of the rider and added some pedestrians in
    strategic locations to end up with a bicycle painting that I'm happy with.

    I video recorded the process of designing this painting from the layout, the
    digital collage to the first unsuccessful try then the second drawing and the
    final painting. I presented the recorded process to a couple of my art groups
    as a recorded demonstration.

    The videography was fun but I know now that I have more to learn about
    such endeavors.

20 X 30
Watercolor on cold press illustration board
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